The Copy Trader Experiment

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Welcome to the experiment.  The basis of it is as follows.

  • A newbie tries their hand at Forex trading
  • Copy Trader is used
  • As is manual trading
  • Initially using a demo account
  • To be followed by a real cash account
  • A 1.5K USD account is the initial aim (subject to change)
  • Is Copy Trader a ‘valuable tool’?
  • Is ‘scraping’ a ‘tenable’ strategy?
  • How does the newbie develop a strategy?
  • And much more…

This list of areas of exploration is not exhaustive, and it is likely that more areas will arise (this is a newbie experiment.   This whole blog/project is an exploration, and although it is likely that may end up as something both coherent and useful, it’s direction at this stage is still open.

The platform used for the project is eToro, for the simple reason that they have both the Copy Trader software, and a free Demo Account.  After researching copy trading, there’s one other vendor offering it at the moment – application is by email, and the minimum deposit is 5k – I’m not the type of guy to buy without trying, so being as eToro is free, that’s where this experiment embarks, but if any other platform has something suitable to offer, that will be tested too.