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Hi there, my name is Mr G, and I have recently decided to research the technology – CopyTrader, to see if I can make a few bucks on the Forex, and also, impart any ‘wisdom’ I have gained via this blog.  Having said that, anything that I ‘discover’ and impart, should be taken with a huge shovel full of salt.

This is not to say that anything I say is wrong, but if you believe everything you read on the net, then you are in my opinion failing the first test of what it takes to become a Forex trader – that is the possession of a keen analytical mind – what in philosophical terms is referred to as an empiricist (look it up). So whatever you hear, test it first.

How long have I been involved in Forex trading, well, not long at all.  How much money have I made, well at the time of the launch of this blog (September 2011) – not a brass farthing, but that is the whole point, this is all about one guy’s investigation of the potential of Forex trading, and in particular Trade Copying, which I envisage to become one of the most innovative products to have come out over the past few years, far better than ‘signals’ for example.

How did I get involved in all this?  A couple of years ago I was asked to write content for a trading website, and being a bit of a stickler for ‘the truth’, I signed up on a couple of demo accounts for Forex trading to see what it was all about.  So, I did some demo trading, and after about 8 trades, I was 400 bucks up – hmm – what’s going on there? So I did some chat, I think it was with one of the brokers at forexyard/forexwebtrader, and asked “Is it possible to trade ‘visually observing and predicting pattern directions’ – yes was his answer. Hmm…..

Now I’m not sure if I believe in luck, and you may ask, why if I got those initial trades right didn’t I stick with it.  The answer is quite simple – I thought I may have been lucky, and besides, I moved on to something else.  Back to the present, I decided to find out if I was really just plain ‘lucky or not’, and in the meantime Copy Trader was launched, which really piqued my interest, and although I don’t believe in ‘magic bullets’ such as auto-trading systems – I do believe in ‘smart bullets’ – and I’m here to find out whether CopyTrader and other copytrading platforms are smart, or just another…  And I’m here to let you know what my findings are…more to follow, check out my posts.